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1:In this course students will learn Advance tools. 2:This course includes Movie Poster design in which students will learn picture manipulation and can enhance their skills in detail. 3:3d poster design practice is also included. 4:In this course students will learn the crafting of a new brand and how to create company identity in the market. 5:This course has a detailed study regarding digital art and the Metaverse. 6:100 Futuristic free fonts have been provided for students. 7:Students can download all Resource files of this course. 8:Best free Photoshop Brushes are available for creative designing. 9:Advance level of Photoshop Action of picture manipulation is provided free. 10:Student will be able to present their portfolio on Behance after this course. 11:Advance understanding of logo design in Photoshop and Illustrator has been demonstrated in this course. 12:Understanding of 8 types of Graphic Design Concepts. 13:From this course students can learn the case study process for Custom designing. 14:Use of Mockups for portfolio presentation is explained. 15:Best and useful Websites for creative design ideas are mentioned. 16:This course will help you to bring creativity to your design without an extra reference hunt. 17:In this course Scope of graphic designers in the coming 10 years and the influence of this field is being explained thoroughly. 18:Many famous IT companies prefer our(Creative Fox Studio) students for hiring designers. 19:In this course key steps of getting a job in minimum of 7 days has been explained

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Go from beginner to pro in 23 lessons exploring all the essential Photoshop tools and techniques. You'll start at the beginning and work quickly into more exciting techniques. Learn how to use Photoshop layer styles, how to change color levels, how to retouch and manipulate images, and much more. If you're a photographer, marketer, or designer, this course will give you the core skills you need

  • Introduction To Photoshop Interface.mp4 48min 15sec
  • Photoshop Basic Tools.mp4 53min 48sec
  • Difference Between Smart Object,Pixel layer,shape,Text and Layer filter.mp4 15min 21sec
  • How to use Photoshop Brush Tool.mp4 13min 27sec
  • Introduction To Type Tool.mp4 1hr 8min
  • Filter for layers adjustment.mp4 24min 38sec
  • Pen Tool , Layer Mask, clip mask.mp4 53min 39sec
  • How To Create Background Texture.mp4 53min 10sec

How to Create Professional Poster Design in Photoshop

  • Gucci Poster Design.mp4 42min 7sec
  • How To Create A Poster With Cool Texture 2.mp4 13min 56sec
  • Inspiration Based Poster Design.mp4 22min 28sec
  • Poster Design 01.mp4 16min 34sec
  • Poster Design For Beginners.mp4 24min 55sec
  • Ali Zafar Wall Poster Design.mp4 31min 58sec
  • Adobe Photoshop Basic Tools Explained.mp4 39min 22sec
  • How To Create A Poster With Cool Texture Background In Photoshop.mp4 22min 0sec
  • Mad Max Movie Poster Design.mp4 56min 52sec
  • King Arthur Movie Poster Design.mp4 1hr 3min
  • Terminator Movie Poster Design.mp4 1hr 9min
  • Revenant Movie Poster Design.mp4 1hr 12min
  • Justice League Movie characters Poster Design.mp4 1hr 28min

In these Lectures, I have used 3d Photoshop Tool for creating Witcher Game poster design

  • 3D Witcher Game Poster Design in Photoshop01.mp4 1hr 42min
  • 3D Witcher Game Poster Design in Photoshop02.mp4 41min 29sec
  • 3D Witcher Game Poster Design in Photoshop03.mp4 51min 59sec
  • Creating a Portfolio Presentation on Behance.mp4 44min 43sec

In these Lectures, you will learn. How to Craft a New Brand Identity. Brand Name : Ground Zero

  • Project Case Study Ground Zero.mp4 43min 9sec
  • Introduction of Logo Design.mp4 1hr 15min
  • Social Media Design 01.mp4 23min 31sec
  • Social Media Design 02.m4v 2hr 8min
  • Social Media Design 03.mp4 1hr 39min
  • How To Use Mockups in Company Branding.mp4 2hr 22min
  • How To Prepare A Project Presentation.m4v 2hr 9min

Idea: Creative Fox Studio is in an urge to give an idea for our students that what they are going to learn like; new features regarding visual communication and its importance for youth and earning programs. * in this project creation of 3d characters is not included.

  • Concept Behind Project Expo 2025 ( Metaverse).mp4 35min 29sec
  • Project Branding Global Electric Dream Expo01.mp4 2hr 20min
  • Project Branding Global Electric Dream Expo02.m4v 2hr 21min
  • Project Branding Global Electric Dream Expo03.mp4 1hr 9min
  • Project Presentation.mp4 1hr 47min

Adobe illustrator Introduction

  • 01_InterFace.mp4 12min 25sec
  • 03_Pathfinder Tool.mp4 11min 22sec
  • 02_pentool.mp4 29min 7sec
  • 05_Text Tool.mp4 23min 8sec
  • 04_Layers+Align Tool.mp4 13min 49sec
  • 07_Export.mp4 5min 22sec
  • 06_Brushes.mp4 13min 32sec


  • Logo Introduction.mp4 14min 8sec
  • Logo 1_Fast Food Delivery.mp4 32min 37sec
  • Golden Ratio.mp4 1hr 7min
  • Gradient Logo N.mp4 23min 43sec
  • Gradient logo 2.mp4 48min 42sec

how to get your First job

  • How To Start Behance Profile.mp4 22min 22sec
  • How to Get Your First Graphic Design Job.mp4 36min 36sec
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Shoaib Roy ,Founder, Creative fox studio

Experience of 12 years in Graphic Design including working with International Clients.


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  • Muhammad Ismaeel

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    Very helpful for me. And Poster design is very described. I've learned a lot of tips and tricks also.Thanks

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    This is an amazing course. I learned a lot in this course. most recommended. i recommend this course to everyone who want become a graphic designer.

  • Ayesha Saleem


    They are spectacular. They just don't make you skillful but they make sure that you thrive in your career. Highly recommended.

  • Anushka


    I only took 6 classes they were amazing can't wait to complete this course my teacher was very cooperative that he understood my problem n let me took a break cuz of personal reason. Very professional. Talented team keep it up

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    I only took 5 classes they were amazing can't wait to complete this course my teacher was very cooperative that he understood my problem n let me took a break cuz of personal reason. Very professional. Talented team keep it up

  • Raeesa Riaz


    One of the best institute in Pakistan to learn graphic designing👌❤ Very professional and responsive team.. 👍 Highly recommended for everyone specially for beginners, must join it you will learn a lot 💕

  • Noraz Dogar


    Best place to learn Graphic Designing !! Even more special when there is a teacher like sir Shoaib Roy !!!

  • Aqsa Noor


    When I joined creative fox I was really confused but sir shoaibs way of teaching was wonderful and energize He's a great mentor who genuinely invests his time and effort in to his students, really knows how to motivate them and is great at building confidenc sir shoaib was very helpful throughout my nca interview he helped me to create my portfolio and give me guidanc , Thank you so much sir and creative fox , Highly recommended 👍👍

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  • The full stack designer understands the whole process and is able to design with a real sense of limitations and tangible objectives on the development side.

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