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Do you know you're only using 50% of Illustrator's capabilities? Ready to upgrade yourself? Then this course will take to you the top level of Illustrator mastery.

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Basic Tools Introduction

  • 03_Pathfinder Tool.mp4 11min 22sec
  • 01_InterFace.mp4 12min 25sec
  • 06_Brushes.mp4 13min 32sec
  • 07_Export.mp4 5min 22sec
  • 05_Text Tool.mp4 23min 8sec
  • 04_Layers+Align Tool.mp4 13min 49sec
  • 02_pentool.mp4 29min 7sec

7 Types Of Logo Design

  • Logo Introduction.mp4 14min 8sec
  • Logo 1_Fast Food Delivery.mp4 32min 37sec
  • Golden Ratio.mp4 1hr 7min
  • Gradient Logo N.mp4 23min 43sec
  • Gradient logo 2.mp4 48min 42sec
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About Expert

Creative Fox Studio

Shoaib Roy ,Founder, Creative fox studio

Experience of 12 years in Graphic Design including working with International Clients.


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  • Learn logo design by applying principles and techniques in Adobe Illustrator and Dimension CC. For beginners + more
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15+ enrolled on this course